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September 21st 1990 ~ June 10th 2014

The killer, Chiquita M Stevenson. Pray for a long prison sentence.

I will be posting the court dates and status updates. This will be the honest up to date information as I receive it.


June 26th 2014 ~ Status update, evidence collecting, preparing charges. At this point the charges are two counts of attempted homicide. Bail set at $500,000.00

July 10th 2014~Bond continued, charges are 2 counts of attempted murder and 4 traffic counts including reckless driving. not sure what the other 3 charges are.She has been moved to a different housing location, I think due to construction at the jail. Next court date 8/19/14.S

August 19th 2014~Defense wants a Bond reduction. The Judge will rule on this September 16th. She claims she is going to be donating a kidney and needs to be out in order to do this. I think she is doing it to get bond money together so she and her boyfriend can flee. Lets pray the Judge doesnt fall for this.

September 16th 2014~Defense asks for bond reduction again, Judge denied request for now but will review on October court date. Prosecution requested the release of Rambo's motorcycle and clothes, request denied because there is still more video evidence to watch. Prosecutor claims there will not be upgraded charges for the death of Rambo.on

October14th 2014~Defense asked for a bond reduction again, this time asking for $100,000.00 The judge continued with the $500.000.00 bond for now. The family has apparently raised $10,000.00 to try and get her out. They want her out to take care of her mother, who was in court and did not appear to have a problem walking or moving around, because it is a hardship for her family to pay someone else to do it. They are also trying to use the race card. All them bad bikers against 1 little 100lb young black girl. Anyone who knows our club knows we are not predjudice so I guess I will have to ask some Brothers of color to start coming to court on our side to prove it. Imagine that,what a fucken joke.~The defense requested internet access inside the jail just so She can see all the videos of her running down my son and brother, The prosecution has video from both the Police station and the water department. Access was granteJanuary 21st 2015~ Nothing new to report. Defense is dragging their feet.

March 4th 2015~ Defense has reviewed all the video tape of the incident since the last court date in January, between the reason is unclear to me due to the fact she is not charged with my sons death however, there must be something else going on here that we are not aware of.

April 27th 2015~Discovery is finally over and we are ready to move forward. Defense had several choices on which way they wanted to proceed.they have decided to go with a jury trial. June 8th will be a status hearing and if nothing changes,we will be in trial on June 15th and 16th.

June 8th 2015~Trial is postponed because the Defendant had apparently had some kind of medical issue at the time of her arrest so we are waiting on her medical records. She is apparently claiming self defense. From what we have no idea since she was chasing the motorcycles but we have to give her the chance to represent her side of the case. Rambos motorcycle has been cleared for release but the prosecuters office wants to wait until after the trial. They also want to take a better look at her car for marks on the drivers side. Next hearing July 2nd 2015.

July 2nd 2015~ Basically no changes as of now. Next court hearing is August 3rd.

August 3rd 2015~ New States Attorney assigned to the case that doesnt know this case specifics. Defense now want a speedy trial due to the States Attorney lack of background on the case. Next court is Sept 16th.

September 16th 2015~ I was unable to attend court because Rambos Mom passed away today, but I will update when I know more. Next Court date is Oct 6th.

October 6th 2015~ Another new Statrs attorney assigned, Next court date they will offer a plea deal. The killer is not expected to accept the offer on November 12th. At which time it is scheduled to go to trial on Nov 16th.l

Next Hearing :  Nov 12th 2015 ~ 9:15 am  Room 110 Bridgeview Il. Courthouse

We ask all who can, to please be there for Rambo.

This is about innocent bikers rights.

Trial date Nov 16th 2015