Joshua "RAMBO" DeFord  99%  NFG  DCE

September 21st 1990 ~ June 10th 2014


Rambo has a 21/2 yr old Son and was currently helping to raise a 9yr old girl. On monday morning June 9th 2014 Rambo was going to start the adoption processfor the 9 yr old girl. No need for me to put their names out on the internet. Those of you close to Rambo know the childrens names already anyhow. Rambo worked hard to win primary placement for his son just 2 weeks before he died.I will continue to add to this as the children grow. a

On July 25th we had our first court appearance to enforce our grandparents visitation  rights. Temporarily we will get our grandson every tuesday from 8am to 6pm and the second weekend of every month. It's unfortunate that it has to come down to taking the mother to court to do this, but it was her decision, so she will have to face child protection again and the mental evaluations again and all the things that gave Rambo primary placement the first time. If she thought Rambo was hard to fight, wait until she fights me. .... There is nothing that will stop me from fighting for the well being of my grandson. It's easy for her to spend money that isn't hers to start with. Isn't that the way it goes. The only way I will stop fighting for my grandson is when I am 6 feet under.


We finished with the court appearances for now and are very happy with the outcome. My wife and I will have visitation with our grandson everyother weekend, every tuesday, a week in the summer as well as certain holidays, two of them being fathers day and Rambos birthday. So far it has been going well with very minor issues not worth mentioning. Happy for this and very thankful.

UPDATE  FEB 17th 2015

Mace is doing well. Things have been moving along fairly smooth with Mace and his mom. Mace had his second surgery on his mouth including new tubes in his ears and the removal of a tooth that had fused with another at the point of his cleft area. This has afforded us almost fulltime visitation while he has dietary restrictions. He is recovering well and has been a real trooper through it all. Normal schedule will most likely resume next week.


Maces mother has severed all communications with me because of my work schedule, I have not seen my Grandson in 2 years. I continue to send him christmas and birthday gifts. She moves around so much that i send them to her mothers house.